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railway ministry requirement,basket nike, the Datong Qinhuangdao railway in 2010 to ensure the completion of the volume of 4 tons, to create the new record in the history of world heavy. To this end,mulberry uk, in 2008 August 4 tons of Daqin Railway expansion renovation project was officially launched. expansion renovation project is divided into three sections with six stations, China Railway twenty bureau group four companies responsible for Qian'an and North Yutian two station expansion construction task. This is after the four companies responsible for Daqin Railway Station after the camp 2.5 tons expansion renovation project,chaussure nike requin tn, bear the second expansion project. Because of the Qian'an and north of Yutian two stations 90 km apart,mulberry outlet york, facing the management span, the complexity of the external environment, land acquisition demolition difficult, external interference,nike tn pas cher, construction interchange, security pressure and other adverse factors, the four companies take on Daqin project department personnel combat advantage,mulberry bags outlet, from the year March took the lead in the construction work began moved west, and in October last year for a dial 18 days of construction,mulberry handbags, the successful completion of the construction task moved west station. Yutian station line 6.3 kilometers,abercrombie fitch, across two counties,chaussure louboutin pas chere, two towns and eight villages, is a piece of "hard bone were the most difficult to chew". Since October last year, he moved to Yutian north,air max tn pas cher, construction personnel differ not to lean, push aside all obstacles and difficulties, to overcome a series of construction problems. In April, Yutian entered the construction phase. Because the Daqin Railway during the year to ensure that 4 tons of freight transport, arduous tasks,tn france, 23 skylights point in Taiyuan Railway Bureau,nike air max 1, the original plan were compressed to 14, from 14 down to 7 points, and even in the skylight point,nike tn pas cher, daily volume must also ensure that 1050000 tons,tn pas cher homme, which brings great pressure on construction. After careful planning, a total of four companies Daqin elaborate organization, since April 7th has conducted 7 construction of large dial, invested a total of construction personnel more than 11000 people, a total dismantling of switch group 13, insert switch group 12, shifting line 1800 meters, 380 meters of lifting, the longitudinal shift 300 meters, the maximum shift 8 meters distance, in the whole dial construction not only realizes the railway ministry puts forward "one thing,mulberry outlet store online, one not not hurt,mulberry handbags, a point not to delay" target, but also created a new record in many domestic received Construction: less than 3 hours the dismantling of switch group 7; 140 minutes. At the same time insert switch group 6; 4 hours of roof points not only successfully completed the dial task, and ensure the full volume of more than 1050000 tons. 4 month 28 day at eight forty-eight in the morning,mulberry outlet, with the last piece of fish will be firmly fixed on the sides of the rail, the Datong Qinhuangdao railway Yutian station construction site immediately firecrackers,nike tn 2014, fireworks into the sky,mulberry outlet shops, China Railway twenty bureau group four company more than 600 employees as cheerful as a lark,mulberry outlet uk, which marks the construction of 4 tons capacity of Daqin Railway expansion renovation project at the end of a station in Yutian north station the successful completion of the. The 相关的主题文章: take penetration rate rising better regulation of the part Chongqing morning news (chief reporter Xiao Qinghua) five one day, Hechuan grass street office to "fire" in the name, to the partial cadre, Hechuan District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC attaches great importance to this issue, set up an investigation group source: Anhui TV survey.
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