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Huge Crowd Bids Tearful Farewell to Alexandra Tang,hogan outlet online Alexandra was just 24 when she was killed,spaccio hogan, allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend of about a year, Derek Pinski. The tragedy hit the South Coast community hard, and people are struggling to make peace with what happened. Alexandra Tang grew up in Santa Barbara with her parents, Alexander a local dentist and Elizabeth, and her big sister Candice. She attended Bishop Garcia Diego High School, Santa Barbara City College and then UCSB, where she graduated with a psychology degree. The Tangs have a large family and an even larger extended family,scarpe hogan outlet, with relatives all over the world. It made even larger by their friends and community members, who filled every seat in the church Friday morning and then some. Speaking before hundreds of familiar faces, Candice Tang said she vividly remembers the day her baby sister was born. She was at her aunt house,scarpe hogan, eagerly awaiting the news. Her father wanted a son to carry on the family name, but Candice was secretly praying for a sister. When she got the news,outlet hogan milano, she literally jumped for joy, off every piece of her aunt furniture. The 7 year age difference didn matter: were best friends from the start. When Candice married Josh Nyholt last November, Alexandra was her maid of honor. The speech Alexandra made at the wedding was beautiful, Candice said, and now she will never be able to return the favor. Alexandra loved art and painting,outlet hogan, and Salvador Dali prints still hang on her bedroom walls. She was an athlete in school, going out for softball, tennis and basketball. Even though Alexandra was tiny,scarpe hogan interactive, Candice said, she was a force to be reckoned with. During college, Alexandra made life long friends while working for the city of Santa Barbara and with her roommates, who as a group would always come up with the most creative Halloween costumes, Candice said. The sisters last day together was spent doing simple things such as grocery shopping, eating sushi and finding silly YouTube videos. may seem like mundane things, but with my sister by my side,hogan interactive uomo, it really didn matter what we did, Candice said. was my strength. Even though I was the older sister and was supposed to be taking care of her,sito ufficiale hogan, she knew when I needed taking care of. Father Santos offered the family words of comfort, saying that life will never be the same, but they can continue to be a wonderful family,hogan prezzi, made larger by their friends and community. Don let this tragedy take away the beauty of life,scarpe hogan uomo, he urged them. would love to sing continue singing, he said. singing the song of Alex. The family thanked everyone for their support, and asked that people donate to Domestic Violence Solutions of Santa Barbara in Alexandra name. They also handed out purple wristbands at Friday memorial service,hogan scarpe donna, so they can be worn to honor her memory.相关的主题文章: National B defending the decision to suspend Farves. Marion County Springs Festiva war film electricity. The Hurt Locker (Summit Entertainment) Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty and Ralph Fiennes. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Rated R for combat violence and language. Time 130 minutes.
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