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Dating has completely changed in the past decade.

Chivalry is almost certainly dead, and more often than not, it’s perceived as a sign of weakness nano .

Every sexy “single” person has access to hundreds of other single people at the left swipe of a screen.

When was the last time you went out and saw a couple on a date, where neither person looked at his or her phone?

It’s certainly not easy anymore.

How do you connect with someone on a level aside from how relevant your social media profiles are?

Dating profiles are downright ridiculous. There is just no way so many people are into racket sports.

These are all just lies.

If you can secure a date with that special someone, you better make an impression fast.

Here are five surefire ways to leave a mark on your date:

1. Put effort into your appearance, and take into account your scenery.

Every single woman spends countless hours getting ready for a date. This is the case whether it’s a guy she has no intention of seeing ever again or a man she wants to have a future with.

The least you can do is wear a clean pair of shoes, use an extra spray of cologne and wear an outfit suitable for any event that may spring up.

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