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По умолчанию March 4th

has been away from home for 10 years saw the "video footage of Xi Li Ge", the old old mother immediately broke down in tears, can not help but sigh how his son into this. Claiming to be "Xi Li Ge" brother see video also said: more than nine have been able to identify this "Xi Li Ge" is his long lost nearly 10 years older brother Cheng Guorong,coach outlet online store, and a translation of "Xi Li Ge" in the video language. since "Xi Li Ge" debut screen, the netizen according to "Xi Li Ge" in the video the fuzzy statement, try to figure out "Xi Li Ge" story. Spread more versions, it is said that "Xi Li Ge" surnamed Wang,Tiffany And Co Online, a native of Hunan, came to Ningbo about six or seven years. "Xi Li Ge" in the video in a passage by the netizen translation: Wang Jun is not,Gioielli Tiffany, in my mind, Wang Jun has no. Net friend guess: it means that the original Wang Jun has not,moncler pas cher, that he is likely to call Wang Jun. But these conjectures finally could not be verified. Cheng Guosheng said,hollister pas cher, "Xi Li Ge" is the Jiangxi province Shangrao city Poyang County,Cheap Tiffany Bracelets, at the age of 23 away from home,Hollister Online Shop Deutschland, now 34 years old. He left home 10 years ago said is out of work, but then I never heard from him again. When state of mind is good, like this now do not know is affected by anything. His brother,Tiffany Outlet Italia, his family economic situation is not good,アバクロ 店舗, he was working outside the home several times to find "Xi Li Ge" but did not find. This time he was going to come alone,nike air max 90 pas cher, mother's body is not very good, but the economy is not well-off, but think of brother with mental problems if not recognize themselves,nike tn requin pas cher, put the mother with. Brother also revealed about the "Xi Li Ge" family told reporters. In fact, "Xi Li Ge" is the father of two children, two children were 11 years old and 10 years old. More than 10 years ago, "Xi Li Ge" working away from home,nike tn requin pas cher, > "Xi Li Ge&quot,mulberry sale; away on the table Dear brother Joseph "Xi Li Ge" find family! Yesterday,woolrich sito ufficiale, claiming to be "Xi Li Ge" family with "Xi Li Ge" when young photos, come to Ningbo magazine,air max pas cher, brother after seeing the video call, nine to be sure "Xi Li Ge" is his brother. It is understood, "Xi Li Ge" surnamed Cheng, home for nearly 10 years,mulberry uk sale, is the father of two children, now in a psychiatric hospital to accept treatment. March 4th,moncler outlet, two men claiming to be "Xi Li Ge" family and shooting video on the East situation net friends contact, and said to Ningbo and were ready to "Xi Li Ge" joseph. Yesterday, a man named Cheng Guosheng and his mother claimed to be the "Xi Li Ge" family,air max femme, arrived in Ningbo on a special trip and Xi Li Ge Renqin, who also took on a "shooting Xi Li Ge" when young photos. See through the younger brother's hand old photo journalist, was "Xi Li Ge" wearing a suit,bonnet moncler, cheers. Brother introduction, "Xi Li Ge" when the skin is fair and clear,veste moncler, too long the most beautiful in their brother. "If we can confirm is my brother, and I want to take him home, a family reunion." Cheng Guosheng said. 相关的主题文章: eventually will introduce 4 f third generation fighters were carried out more than 200 sorties against drills the task is to realize the &q Global Times: a few years ago President Bush sees "Xinjiang independence" elements caused by China's dissatisfaction with Rebiya, as a scholar, what do you think of the impact of the event on Sino US relations at that time caused?
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