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По умолчанию Укзание издания в RSS

Хотелось бы вернуть в ленту RSS название издания, опубликовавшего статью( например, "The Independent", Великобритания). В заголовке на странице оно есть, а в ленте RSS нет, что КРАЙНЕ неудобно.
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Старый 13.07.2014, 00:58
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По умолчанию bratwurst

Low Calorie BBQ Alternatives If you love BBQs and cookouts but are watching your weight or eating healthier these days, there are many alternatives to the traditional BBQ fare. 1. Alternative for high calorie beef steak: Rather than grilling the tradional steaks from beef,hogan rebel, try a fish substitute. Salmon steaks,scarpe hogan uomo, or any of your favorite fish,hogan online, are perfect for the BBQ grill. They have all of the health benefits we associate with fish but are low in calorie count when compared to beef. 2. Another healthy, low calorie alternative for BBQ'd beef: Think chicken or lean pork chops when you throw your next backyard BBQ. To further lower the caloric count,hogan borse, trim any visible fat from the chops and remove the skin from the chicken. 3. Love grilled hot dogs,sandali hogan, bratwurst, or burgers but not the high calories? Several good alternatives to try are low fat turkey dogs,scarpe hogan outlet, ground turkey burgers,hogan milano, or veggie burgers. You get all the taste of the more traditional foods without the excess fat and extra calories. You can eat them minus the bun, or if you wish,hogan interactive, tuck them into a healthier whole grain bun, or wrap them in a slice of low calorie, whole grain bread. 4. Low calorie alternative to grilled sweet corn dripping with butter: Try a veggie medley instead. Slice your favorite summer squashes,hogan junior, onions, and sweet peppers. Place them on tin foil,hogan scarpe, spray with butter flavored non stick cooking spray, and add your favorite spices. Wrap, and BBQ till tender crisp. Delicious alternative! 5,hogan online outlet. An alternative to high calorie BBQ sauce: Do it Weight Watchers style. Add one can of diet cola and one cup of ketchup to a sauce pan. Cook and stir to reach desired consistency. Slather as much as you wish on your favorite low calorie BBQ foods. As you can see, going low calorie style does not mean you ever have to miss out on the joys of your favorite BBQ foods. The alternatives are not only low calorie, but they are just as delicious as their higher calorie counter parts. Her faith in God,sito ufficiale hogan, her family and friends, and the beauty of nature keep her constantly insp. View profile相关的主题文章: Crisp after you hear each of the ph I saved several hundreds of d war film electricity. The Hurt Locker (Summit Entertainment) Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty and Ralph Fiennes. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Rated R for combat violence and language. Time 130 minutes.
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Старый 19.08.2014, 14:34
hdfhguuigs hdfhguuigs вне форума
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По умолчанию 12369&quot

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