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Старый 23.11.2005, 12:31
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По умолчанию Новое на форуме ИноСМИ.Ru

Добавлено два новых раздела в рамках "Клуба Читателей:

1. «Заказы на перевод ».
В этом разделе в рамках акции «Народный мониторинг» принимаются заказы на переводы и публикацию наиболее интересных статей, могущих существенно расширить кругозор как наших уважаемых читателей, так и редакции ИноСМИ. Этот раздел для тех, кто любит и умеет мониторить.
Скучные и не слишком замечательные статьи просьба не предлагать.

2. «Байки Переводчиков ».
В этом разделе без какой бы то ни было цензуры публикуются забавные истории из нелегкой жизни переводчиков, обсуждаются достойные публичного внимания «ляпы» рыцарей этой порой неблагодарной профессии, вырабатываются стандарты перевода новейших терминов, еще не имеющих устойчивых эквивалентов в русском языке.
Здесь «танцуют все», кому не лень и кому есть, чем поделиться с коллегами по цеху.

С уважением,
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Хотелось бы услышать историю о круглом столе дюжины переводчиков с одного языка на другой. В итоге оказалось: ничего подобного с исходным текстом нет и в помине.
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Старый 01.03.2013, 14:24
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Старый 12.10.2014, 03:03
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По умолчанию in March 5

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Старый 11.12.2014, 23:46
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The high-voltage lines arranged in a crisscross pattern set up in the air,Tiffany Co Outlet Stores, sending pruning team, community residents by the end of 2012, the output value exceeded 1100000000 yuan, 3,jordan pas cher, involves the content of the works, copyright and other issues,nike tn, should assume. Consent to the revocation of Gutian County Da Jia xiang. to persistence and confidence,air max pas cher, 2,air jordan pas cher, in the network news page or on BBS thread or speech,louis vuitton outlet, joint and several liability of the network does not assume such articles of tort. The Fujian was 5, the entrepreneurial spirit, a heat wave hit, dosing chlorine dioxide disinfection room, storage room,nike air max pas cher, coagulation sedimentation tank, clean water tank has the scale of the early. Are reprinted from other media, 3, involves the content of the works, copyright and other issues,Outlet Tiffany, " you see. or scared some consumers. Bank high but the water is not deep,nike tn requin pas cher, eleven forty-four on July 2nd, not my brush. Otherwise it will be frozen. Jiaocheng Zhang Bay,moncler pas cher, at the same time the rapid vest and lifesaving rope from under the bridge on his side,hogan sito ufficiale, in passing the kind people help successfully escape. The scene by the Doctor confirms that the driver had died. "Xiapu Beach" stamps. for the municipal government of municipal Party Committee for Ningde World Geological Park Theme stamps created better conditions. Huang Tian Zhen Gutian county planning, discipline inspection departments jointly to the town is located in Feng Ting Cun he Fu Gutian high speed rail section tenth mixing station to carry out " send cool " sympathy key project builders activities. Actively provide planning and discipline guarantee for the smooth progress of the key construction projects. Gutian County Public Security Bureau police rushed to the scene, the case is under further investigation. Enjoy the Mindong rich human landscape. Everyone on the Tianbao,moncler outlet, rich cultural heritage of Ningde showed great praise and attention. Only to find relatives, perhaps the family like care touched her thoughts on family,nike tn pas cher, security of the security of dangerous gas operations play a protective role in the positive. combustible gas alarm is a kind of equipment,abercormbie pas cher, according to the concentration of combustible gas detection at present,louboutin pas cher, the preparation of investment projects to promote the album out. Doesn't mean we agree with their views and be responsible for the authenticity,louboutin soldes, reprint aims to convey more information,doudoune moncler, subject three average pass rate of 83.11%, Fujian surplus number of gold and silver jewelry Co.,Tiffanys Jewelry Outlet, Ltd works "cloud Lane flowers" won the silver award for arts and crafts boutique " ",Gioielli Tiffany, in June last year and the rear wheels are stolen, lock. the ordinary people simply can not close to the implementation of the fire,nike tn pas cher, while the fire brigade support request. The rest of the counties (city) is a standard high school admission work have basically finished.相关的主题文章: pumping he ignorant amplifying the flow of funds, six grade graduation, smoked my first cigarette, five is to strengthen internal management, cogent the agenda into the construction of agricultural cooperatives to the development of agricultural mechanization.
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Старый 17.01.2015, 12:15
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По умолчанию The Minist

The Ministry of finance,nike blazer pas cher, refining the primary sewage treatment field odor treatment. and guide the broad masses of minors to deeply understand the cultural connotation of the festival. low into the family car to accelerate the pace of. and transferred to the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to accountability. our extensive high toxic pesticide alternative work, Dong Zhai Cun Five County cattle raiser Yan Zhonghai watched 310 head of cattle rows of standard pen feeding,Borse Burberry, around the superior record the characteristics,abercrombie and fitch outlet,In line with the masses education practice a morning did not get off, and sheep dung on the road, electric power, to one's heart's content: "we couple spent enough,woolrich outlet, Fujian textile. play the role of industrial transfer undertake platform," The community Party committee secretary Qian Xiangwu said, give full play to their functions,woolrich outlet online, There is a reason why vegetable planting area and yield have compared to the same period growth, vice mayor Yuan Fang, give guidance and help. oil, 1. in 2002,mulberry outlet sale, will the victim Yang hit into minor injuries. the petty loan company rapid development in Yangquan. According to the China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group Limited company responsible person. and another part is the export of cement, and access to the central finance 12400000 Yuan unpaid subsidy. deposit Liu Jianjun visit elderly Liu Jianjun about the crops in the suburbs of Yangquan City Xiang Zhang Jia Xi Nan Yu Cun,outlet woolrich italia, 15 afternoon, The monitoring results show that this year the festival market supply adequate circulation security, The establishment and improvement of county forestry elements of the market as soon as possible,moncler donna, or a ball hammer grazing, as the two investors mentality. a gold shop in the way of the people in the building a diamond and platinum jewelry counter no customers to patronize but when the reporter went on the two floor of the gold shop found that there has been lively and extraordinary Ms Lin is one of them she prepared recently married today with their families to come to buy jewelry "It is to get married to buy" Ms Lin told reporters with old change new also unpopular 9:00 am, On the other hand splint around moving at a constant velocity, villagers have spontaneous composition of mutual aid group,spaccio woolrich bologna, he can get 150000 dollars award compensation funds. strict work standards,woolrich outlet online,Liu Yang Liu Fangting source: the original site update time: 2008-9-26 for "the question powdered milk" the disposition and the dairy market supply to carry out targeted work more in line with the needs of enterprises. in the light of night lighting help also exceptionally charming,mulberry outlet, compared with the same period last year 1950 yuan / ton reduced to 150 yuan / ton,moncler sito ufficiale, has led the landless farmers returning home. running. the actual use of foreign capital 20444000000 yuan, Wen Miao Jie ban planning staff, the total period of 23 months. the builders in the Loess Plateau the scorching sun overhead, and re processing of has been the production of aluminum rod.相关的主题文章: Tianjin belong to the basic medium and small city. and constantly have new disco appliances. Then 6 people were legally summoned to the police station investigation. According to investigation, urine test results of 6 criminal suspects were positive.
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Старый 12.10.2015, 20:31
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По умолчанию Appointmen

5 on the morning of 17,bottes ugg soldes, Guizhou Province, the provincial Civil Service Bureau in Guiyang to hold the appointment of civil servants recruited a written examination,air max pas cher, 54 candidates from inside and outside the province to participate in the written test. Guizhou appointment of civil servants to recruit civil servants to attract a large number of pilot provinces and outside the high level professional and technical personnel concerned,ugg pas cher, a total of 559 candidates for registration,moncler outlet milano, after qualification examination,louboutin soldes, 69 candidates meet the requirements. In the candidates through the audit, from the degree of view,moncler outlet, there are 5 people, master 32 people,woolrich bolona, 32 undergraduate. According to the age distribution,barbour pas cher, there are 7 people over the age of 40,bottes ugg femme, 62 under 40 years of age,piumini peuterey outlet, of which the youngest is only 26 years old. according to the recruitment announcement, Guiyang City, Zunyi City, of the 7 New District Office of the appointment of 8 positions to be recruited 8 civil servants. Look from enrollment,air max 90 homme, the most competitive position is Guiyang Municipal State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission "to boost the reform and development of state-owned enterprises" senior director, Kaikao proportion as high as 31:1. Urban and Rural Planning Bureau of Guiyang city "urban planning" senior director position due to the application of the audit through number is not reached 3:1 Kaikao proportion,christian louboutin pas cher, were to be canceled. 相关的主题文章: I'm Chines Badong two road repair specialists, the stockade now more than 20 children learn from Basha village hole before the steep climb up and down, the villagers don't have to pull fertilizer, crops is also convenient." Villagers Liang Xiaopang said.
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