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По умолчанию Asian gambling addiction

Such kind of faith in luck, fate, or fortune is considered as a part of the motivator behind Asians and gambling. There is a close correlation between high percentage of Asian people who are interested gambling and the cultural forces which not only promote gambling activities but they also minimize possible solutions as gambling becomes too irresistible or addictive.
A study point out that the number of Asian people living in the USA obsess about gambling outweight the overall American population. Dr. Timothy Fong who as a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA demonstrates that gambling addiction’s rate tends to increase from 6 percent to nearly 60 percent in comparison with 1-2 pencent of the nationwide rate, which depends on the specific Asianethnicity
There are several cultural elements that pose certain impacts on the act of gambling among those Asian in the USA. Carefully seeking underlying reasons in Asia, it is understood that the whole Asian society attributes gambling to its normal and usual activity compared to the American culture.
“...people in China... they do not [have] problem gambling even if they play Mah- jong. You know, it seems like a gambling activity but there is more social activity involved. Social activity element in the whole activity.”

• “When I was 14 or 15 years old, I was in India. There is a festival called 'Diwali'. [On that festival] people come to our house to play cards. It is [part of] our culture. During that time all my family members meet in one place and they enjoy together playing cards and other games and that's when I became aware of it. That time I played only cards and I played for money.”
Based on another opinion, Korean people suffer from high risks of gambling. They hold large events yearly twice like New Year’s Holiday or Thanksgiving Day. On these occasions, they often play card games and are even willing to pour money into the games as well. This can raise the likelihood of starting gambling anytime people want.

Another reason behind this kind of addiction is that Asian cultures strongly worship superstition, numerology and fortune as opposed to the Western culture. Consequently, the matter of either winning or losing something seems to bring people a sense of recognition or identification. Dr Tim Fong took an emphasis on the reality that Asian people highly appreciated issues connecting to luck and they were so superstitious that they put their fate down to the ancestors. For instance, a person that is lucky while gambling means he/she is blessed from the gods.
On account of the specific role gambling carries on behalf of Asian people, casinos in the USA have taken advantage of this chance to promote gambling and make it known for Asians , especially immigrants via some activities namely entertainment, free transport modes and card dealers. At the Casino in Los Angeles, 80 – 90 percentage of Asians are clients. In Connecticut, the Foxwoods Casino possesses a website translated into both Chinese and Vietnamese.
Chien-Chi Huang, an Asian Expert of Community Program from the Massachusetts Council claimed that for gambling, language barrier is not a big deal. Besides, casinos are believed to provide newcomers spititual support because of difficulties and burdens they face up to when adapting themselves into a new country, new culture.
Dr Timothy Fong of Gambling Studies Program also illustrate the fact of Asian immigrants are addicted to gambling results from their bravery and fearlessness. It is impossible to prove this, however, those Asian people opt to gambling in real life. Therefore, they feel free and convenient to visit the casino after settling down in spite of how poor they are.
Gambling seems to be socially acceptable for Asian people, but being seriously trapped by it is unfavourable. Apart from cultural shame, addiction of gambling is likely to make him/her a dishonest person with the entire community.
With a view to handling that sort of stigma as well as minimize the feeling of embarassment when it comes to gambling addiction, Asian proponents are making efforts to change the thinking level that gambling may not an indicator to evaluate people’s moral issue but it is closely related to mental health. Furthermore, with the role of therapists, we also need to be more responsible for the change in Asians’ perceptions plus attitudes towards the importance of money.
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